Launching AIRWELLCARE Blast Dampers adding a new feather to the CAP.


HV Series Blast Damper is designed to protect personnel and critical equipment against blast wave created by explosion in industrial facility. Gas explosions occur in facilities such as Oil&Gas platforms and refineries.
The product is used in ventilation systems to prevent advance of the blast wave, through external walls, into the building. Force of the wave closes blades and seals the building. Protected spaces can be such as control rooms, instrumentation rooms, electrical sub-stations, personnel spaces and emergency shelters.
High performance blast protection allows flexibility in plant layout design and makes lower acceptable risk level possible.


  • 500 bar-ms blast wave protection; over 1.0 bar (14.5 psi) peak values and over 300 ms durations
  • Min. closing overpressure 0.09 bar
  • Reflections and Multiple Consecutive Explosions Protection
  • Negative Phase Protection
  • Lowest pressure drop in the market
  • Self actuating closing
  • ATEX Certification
  • Debris Impact Proof
  • Hot dip galvanized and acid proof versions
  • Sizes for damper openings from 300x300 mm up to 1500x1500 mm
  • Operating temperature of - 50 to 300°C, proper functioning in high heat related to explosions
  • Compatibility with offshore ductwork, flange hole pattern to EN ISO 15138:2007